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I do not claim to be a qualified garden designer. Although, I will if required draw up a plan of a garden to give potential clients an idea of a proposed layout. That said I do have an eye for what will work, is feasible and buildable in a garden space and my input often helps to formulate a full design.

I am fortunate to be entrusted to build gardens for some of Scotland’s leading garden designers who are often the most discerning of clients in that they have a vision on paper of how they want the garden to look, know how the garden should be built and naturally want to hand over to their client a garden built and planted to the highest standards. I consider it one of my best achievements that my professional competence, skill, attention to detail, trustworthiness and professionalism is recognised and that garden designers repeatedly ask me to build gardens for their clients If you require or would like your garden professionally designed which could include a consultation visit, full site survey, layout plan and planting plan then I would highly recommend that you contact one of the following designers.

Belinda Macdonald at Shades of Green Garden Design -

Sarah Jane Davidson at Shelloch Garden Designs -